What people are saying about our Make-up Bag

  • "What a genius idea! Love the leopard print and it makes such a great gift too."
    - Debbie Le, Fashionable Pam
  • "This make-up bag is an absolute game changer. So many times I’ve had to empty the contents onto my bed to try and find a particular lipstick. With Donna’s make up bag, it’s all there in front of me. Easy, no fuss and looks gorgeous too. I love it!"
    - Anna Cascarina
  • "This clever make-up bag stores all your make-up and opens up flat so you can see everything and tidy it up in seconds."
    - Lucy Partington, Stylist
  • "Genius"
    - Sophie Beresiner - Elle Magazine
  • "The most useful make-up bag ever!"
    - Mothershoppers

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